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- The Flegal Family Homestead -

Our Story
Goats & Soap

It all started with a few Nigerian dwarf goats and some extra milk. We do our best at our homestead to be as self sufficient as possible. We try and use everything on the homestead. We found ourselves with an excess of goats milk and were looking for something to do with it. What started out as a small hobby, making soap for friends and family, quickly blossomed into From Goat to Soap.

We have crafted a goat milk soap bar that will leave you skin feeling amazing! You can feel good that your purchase from From Goat to Soap is supporting a family run small business as well as leaving you with a quality product you can enjoy. 

From Goat to Soap is a woman run and first responder run business.


The Flegal Family consists of my husband, John, who is in the Army Nation Guard. My name is Shelbie, I am a full-time firefighter/paramedic and K9 handler. We have 3 young children. My Parents, Cathy and Bob, also play an integral role in the business, truly signifying the "family" in family business.


From Goat to Soap is committed to creating high-quality, natural bars of goat's milk soap with simple ingredients.  We are focused on growing and locally sourcing as many of our ingredients as possible.

Our herd of goats is small and well cared for. They are more than just livestock to us, they are truly beloved pets. 


Our bars are free from parabens, palm oil, artificial colors, micas, fragrance oils, sulfates and preservatives.  And when we saponify our goat's milk we do NOT add water.  It is 100% goat's milk. It is our second ingredient on our ingredient list!


All of our soap is handcrafted in small batches.  Each bar is unique and a labor of love.

Give our soap a try, we promise you won't be disappointed and your skin will thank you!

Step into our life on the homestead

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