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Custom 2 Soap Bundle

Custom 2 Soap Bundle


Our 2 Soap Bundle allows you to choose any two of our luxurious and natural soaps and bundle them together. Each bundle comes with a soap cradle and soap scrubbie for a complete self-care experience. This bundle also makes for a unique and custom gift for any occasion. Our eco-friendly packaging ensures that you can enjoy our products guilt-free. Keep it simple and indulge in the benefits of our 2 Soap Bundle.


Bars in this bundle are 4.5 oz each (our standard bar)


**Please select either shipping or homestead pick up below**

Shipping anywhere in the country will add $5 to every gift box. This covers gift packaging and shipping to anywhere in the country. 

If you'd like your box(es) shipped to somewhere other than your shipping address (ex. you want two gift boxes going to two seperate locations) please follow up with an email to with the address of where they are headed!



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