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Hand Made Soap Dish Gift Set

Hand Made Soap Dish Gift Set


This hand madesoap dish gift set is the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen. Each dish is handcrafted from ceramic, making them both durable and stylish. This set makes a perfect gift for anyone who values handmade, artisanal products. Each dish is hand made by Free Range Creations. We only buy handcrafted dishes from small local businesses. You can trust that you're getting a high-quality product. Don't settle for a boring, mass-produced soap dish - choose this unique and beautiful set instead.


Each gift box includes a soap dish and 2 of our most popular bars of soap, Milk & Honey (4.5 oz) and Eucalyptus & Spearmint(4.5 oz)(if we are out of eucalyptus and spearmint we will sub that bar for our Lavender and Eucalyptus). We also added in one soap scrubbie to help you wash up with you new soap bars!


*Each box will have a unique hand crafted soap dish. Colors and patterns of dishes may look different but they will all be round*




**Please select either shipping or homestead pick up below**

Shipping anywhere in the country will add $5 to every gift box. This covers gift packaging and shipping to anywhere in the country.

If you'd like your box(es) shipped to somewhere other than your shipping address (ex. you want two gift boxes going to two seperate locations) please follow up with an email to with the address of where they are headed!

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