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Nothing to it Bundle

Nothing to it Bundle


Introducing our Nothing to it Bundle - the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin! This bundle includes four of our most gentle and soothing soaps: Unscented Charcoal, Simply the G.O.A.T., Milk & Honey, and Honey Oat. With nothing to it, these soaps provide a simple and gentle clean, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Our Simply the G.O.A.T. soap features goats milk from our farm to your shower, providing an extra nourishing and moisturizing experience. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and fragrances - with our Nothing to it Bundle, your skin will thank you!


Want just the soap? select our "Just the soap" option to nix the scrubbie and the cradle and still save $2 on all 4 bars!


Each Bundle includes 

-1 Milk & Honey Bar

-1 Honey Oat Bar

-1 Simply the G.O.A.T. Bar

-1 Unscented Charcoal Bar

-1 Soap Scrubbie

-1 Soap Cradle

***Savings of $3 per bundle!***

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